I am a passionate software engineer, currently working as iOS Developer and Consultant.  
I had discovered my passion for computers and software programming during high-school (1997).  

I graduated Computer Science in 2006, followed by a Master Degree in Software Engineering, in 2008. Between 2005 and 2011 I worked as employee of a few companies, developing my skills in multiple areas of expertise related to software development.

From 2011 I started to work as a Freelancer / Independent Contractor / Consultant, for personal and outsourcing projects.

I started iOS development (Objective-C) in 2009 and this became my principal area of experise, together with related activities of software development: AGILE/SCRUM methodology, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Team leading, Project coordination, etc.


  • Cluj-Napoca Romania
  • +40740281108 (Mobile)
  • (Work)
  • lazar_sidor (Skype)
  • lazars12 (Yahoo)



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